Core Transcripts - Student Athlete Eligibility Tracking
For High Schools
  • Eliminate confusion when calculating CORE GPAs
  • Track In-Season Eligibility based on credits and physicals
  • Track transfer athletes with Residency Eligibility
For Colleges/Universities
  • Access student-athlete data for your recruiting area
  • View transcripts with auto-calculated Core GPA and eligibility
  • Find Clearinghouse Eligible athletes
For Parents and Student-Athletes
  • Monitor In-Season Eligibility
  • Determine if your child's schedule has the correct # of CORE courses
  • Provide the best opportunity to receive an athletic scholarship

Core Transcripts Vision

CORE TRANSCRIPTS is a comprehensive, cutting edge student-athlete eligibility tracker. Our services are database driven and auto calculates Clearinghouse Eligibility, In-Season Eligibility, as well as keeping accurate records of transfer athletes through the Residency Eligibility tracker. We have streamlined the entire process of calculations and record keeping for the student athlete.

The process of identifying Clearinghouse Eligibility through cumbersome calculations is a thing of the past. Each student-athlete who is a part of the CORE TRANSCRIPTS database is always aware of their Clearinghouse status. Your students never have to worry about a shortfall in courses, or a miscalculation, which is the flagship feature of our system. Your student-athletes academic and medical information are combined and crossed checked to ensure that they are fully eligible to play in-season sports. The specific color coded "medically eligible" information alerts Athletic Directors and coaches immediately regarding ineligible athletes. This will eliminate eligibility violations that have plagued many high schools all across the country.

Many school athletic programs have felt the pinch of letting transfer student-athletes slip through the cracks and play too soon because of the uncertainty of their "transfer status". CORE TRANSCRIPTS identifies the specific type of transfer student-athlete by grade level and previous sport, then calculates the wait time needed to ensure compliance with the state rules that allows him/her to play. The Residency Eligibility tracker will alleviate your burden of figuring out the allowable date you can put transfer student-athletes on the field.

We are confident that once you integrate CORE TRANSCRIPTS as a key component of your school's athletic program, you will quickly find that it is the most efficient tool for solving all of your student-athlete eligibility challenges. When you want a "one stop shop" for student-athlete eligibility, remember CORE TRANSCRIPTS… Designed for the Student Athlete!

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"When I saw information on Core Transcripts, I thought how valuable this service would have been to help me get through the eligibility nightmare that my child and I experienced. I took for granted that the school district would ensure that her eligibility was not going to be jeopardized. Any service that can help school districts, parents, student-athletes, and colleges is an extremely important resource to have. Core Transcripts clearly gets it, and will help prevent eligibility discrepancies for student-athletes. What a great service!!"

-Parent Testimonial Maxine Hecht

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